Books: Series

Canine Cock for XMas

The present they want most for Christmas is hard-pounding doggy loving.

Craving Canines for Valentine’s Day

No matter what their plans were for Valentine’s Day, these horny dogs are making them change them.

Halloween Bestiality Treats

Different girls get more than candy this Halloween. It’s a night of dogs treating them to pleasure they’ll never forget.

Horny Girls and Hung Dogs

These girls just want to howl, and they’ve found some horny dogs to make that happen.

Home Alone with a Horny Dog
Mounted by the Dog at a Sleepover
Drugged into Giving the Dog Pussy
Dick Sucking Doggy Fuck Toy
Dog Gangbang Experiment
Bitch for a Rich Man’s Dog
Bound for Her Boyfriend’s Dog
Getting Dog Cock in the Park
Hypnotized to Love Doggy Cock
Doing the Dog for a Car
Horny Girls and Hung Dogs 10-Pack BESTIALITY Bundle Volume One
Hypnosis Gangbang and Canine Loving
Hazed with a Canine Gangbang
Canine Gangbang Sleep Sex
Part-time Hypnotized and Bound Canine Fuck Toy
Unaware She Craves Canine Cock
Hypnotic Cravings: Canine Gangbang on the Recliner
Hypnosis at Bath Time: Becoming a Canine Sex Toy
Meeting His Parents: Serving Up Dog Cock and a Gangbang
Housewife Has a Craving for Canine Cock
Dog Sitting: Hypnotized to Love Doggy Cock
Horny Girls and Hung Dogs 10-Pack BESTIALITY Bundle Volume Two
Sleepwalking to the Dog for Sex
Putting Out for Sugar Daddy’s Dog
Canine Groom: You May Now Hump the Bride
Toying and Taking Dog Cock in the Morning
Side Effects Include Craving Dog Cock
Doggy Playdate: Hypnotized and Mounted in Public
Mounted While Walking the Dog Naked
Letting Her Horny Dog Have Pussy
Sidechick Hungry for Dog Cock
Maid to Submit to a Doggy Dom
Horny Girls and Hung Dogs 10-Pack BESTIALITY Bundle Volume Three
Mounted by Halloween Hounds

It’s Halloween, and these girls have run across some enchanted hounds who are very horny.

Mounted During Lockdown

Being cooped up has made people do strange things to entertain themselves, including having naughty fun with their dogs.

Mutts Mounting MILFs

These hot mommas are horny for the doggy studs and will do whatever it takes to enjoy the pleasure of being mounted.

Supportive Wife’s Canine Gangbang

To aid her husband’s rise in the company, she will present herself for mounting by his boss’s pack of dogs.

Thanksgiving Pussy for the Pack

A pack of hung and horny dogs is making a feast of these lusty bitches, stuffing them full and making them beg for more.