Assist #2: Walking and Mounting the Bitch

Assist #2: Walking and Mounting the Bitch


The neighbors see her as a dog, so it’s okay for her to walk around naked and for the pack to mount her.

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About the Book

It’s Vicky’s second weekend at Kent’s place, and he wants to go for a walk. This walk is special because Vicky will be on the end of the leash and thinking she’s a dog just like the Great Danes accompanying her. The neighbors think Vicky is a dog too, so they have nothing to say when the pack mounts her for all the watch.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains bestiality dog sex, dubious consent, mind control, gangbang, pet play, oral sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, outdoors, public, sex toys, and bareback creampie.

Note: Shorts are part of a continuous story and best enjoyed in order.