Canine Stud’s MILF Fuck Toy 14-Pack Serial Bundle

Canine Stud’s MILF Fuck Toy 14-Pack Serial Bundle


Recruited during the company picnic, she’s put under hypnosis to become her boss’s perfect sex toy for his dog.

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About the Book

Recruited during the company picnic, she’s put under hypnosis to become her boss’s perfect sex toy for his dog.

Deposit #1: Mounting Pussy at the Company Picnic
His dog has found the woman he wants to mount, so he’ll use hypnosis to make that happen.

Deposit #2: Pussy Interviewing to Take Doggy Cock
Training videos put her completely under her boss’s control and turning her fully into a mountable dog toy.

Deposit #3: Pussy’s First Day as a Doggy Fuck Toy
For her first day on the job, she skipped wearing panties and pleasured her boss’s dog, all without knowing why.

Deposit #4: Throating Her Boss and His Dog
A presentation flub leads to being put in a trance so her boss and his dog can put her mouth to better use.

Fuck Toy for Her Boss’s Stud (Mutts Mounting MILFs 08)
The only reason her boss hasn’t fired her is because he has her hypnotically trained to be his dog’s sex toy.

Deposit #5: First-Time Anal While Dog Mounts Her Face
Jealousy and a need to get off has led to introducing Sweetie to the fun and pleasure of taking it in the backdoor.

Deposit #6: Tardy Pussy Enjoys Doggy Cock and Anal Fun
Being late to work means submitting to her boss and his dog while she describes her morning backdoor fun.

Deposit #7: Taking Anal Sex Toys and Doggy Cock
She’s oblivious to the backdoor play her boss submits her to as well as the dog mounting her once she’s on her knees.

Deposit #8: Tweaking Pussy’s Personality for More Doggy Sex
Showing her the truth of her doggy-loving ways was a mistake, so he’ll augment her personality instead.

Deposit #9: Flaunting His Doggy’s Fuck Toy in Public
He’s taking her shopping for clothing that is more accessible for being on all fours and mounted.

Deposit #10: Draining Doggy Cock on Her First Day
Her first day on her new job means showing off her skills in both marketing and pleasuring the boss’s dog.

Deposit #11: Double Stuffed by Her Boss and His Dog
Abstaining for a long period means indulging twice as much once they are allowed to enjoy their toy again.

Deposit #12: Breeding His Doggy’s Fuck Toy
Her quarterly evaluation means impressing her boss and his dog with her ability to take it and love it.

Deposit #13 [Finale]: Preggo, Mounted, and Loving It
Finding out she’s a sex toy for her boss’s dog is more than she can take, but he’ll fix it so she doesn’t mind.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains bestiality dog sex, dubious consent, hypnosis, mind control, anal play & sex, breeding, double penetration, exhibitionism, gaping, masturbation, oral sex, preggo sex, public sex, rough play, seeding, sex toys, spanking, vaginal sex, voyeurism, and bareback creampie.