Mutts Mounting MILFs 10-Pack Bestiality Bundle

Mutts Mounting MILFs 10-Pack Bestiality Bundle


These hot mommas are horny for the doggy studs and will do whatever it takes to enjoy the pleasure of being mounted.

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About the Book

These hot mommas are horny for the doggy studs and will do whatever it takes to enjoy the pleasure of being mounted.

Mommy’s Canine-Loving Alone Time (01)
For ninety minutes a day, her family leaves her completely alone so she can do what she wants, which is the family dog while behind a closed, but not locked, door.

Doctor Prescribes a Doggy Gangbang (02)
She goes to him to relieve her stress, and he does with the help of hypnosis and a pack of horny dogs giving her lots of pleasure.

Riding Her Canine Lover (03)
Once her chores are finished, it’s time to take her horny dog to the guest room and ride him until they are both satisfied.

Post-Walk Doggy Gangbang (04)
Her naughty secret has nothing to do with the sex toys inside her while walking her dogs. It’s the fun she and her dogs have once they get home.

Getting It From the Lawn Guy and His Dog (05)
There’s something about a fresh-cut lawn that makes her so horny. The lawn guy and his dog are there to take advantage of that fact.

Mounted on Her Morning Walk (06)
The sunrise over a scenic lake several miles from her home is the perfect backdrop for being mounted by her dog in public.

Arranging For Her to Love Dog Cock (07)
He caught her cheating with the dog and then made it so she could have her canine lover while being obedient to him.

Fuck Toy for Her Boss’s Stud (08)
The only reason her boss hasn’t fired her is because he has her hypnotically trained to be his dog’s sex toy.

Taking Doggy Cock on the Clean Carpet (09)
She cleaned the house, so her reward to her herself is hot doggy loving right in the middle of the living room.

Drunk, Horny, and Wanting Dog Cock (10)
After her husband took the kids and left her, she got drunk enough to want pleasure from whoever was offering, including the dog.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains bestiality dog sex, anal sex, double penetration, drunk, dubious consent, exhibitionism, gangbang, girl-on-girl, hypnosis, insertion, masturbation, mind control, nipple play, on-the-sly, oral sex, outdoors sex, pet play, public sex, sex toys, and bareback creampie.