Push #1: Blackmailing Doggy Slut Next Door for Anal

Push #1: Blackmailing Doggy Slut Next Door for Anal


After years of recording her deviant relationship with her dog, he’s ready to use it to get her to satisfy him as well.

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About the Book

He moved in next door to a pervert. His neighbor’s daughter has a deviant relationship with the family dog and is unknowingly sharing the relationship with him because she never closes her curtains. He spent all of lockdown recording her sordid sex life and is now using it to blackmail her into fulfilling his own perverse desires.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains bestiality dog sex, dubious consent, blackmail, hidden camera, dog-on-girl, voyeurism, exhibitionism, oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, double penetration, and bareback creampie.

Note: This serial is a direct continuation of Naked Outdoors for Doggy Oral: Mounted During Lockdown Aftermath.